New Music — September 27, 2016 at 1:33 pm

Natia the God – “Watch Your 6”


Natia the God definitely knows how to spin a yarn that leaves you slack-jawed and wide-eyed, and his newest song “Watch Your 6” is no exception. The Inglewood-based rapper has a way with words that makes me feel like my entire existence is boring in comparison. He embodies the exact reason I turned to Hip Hop in my youth: I wanted the stories. I secretly wanted the violence. I mostly wanted the glamour that seemingly comes attached to the latter.

Natia recorded this track at the RudeTOON Studios in North Hollywood with Kellen Balazy. To witness him leave the world at the door, and attack his work is inspiring and motivating. He approaches each track as if everything is at stake—and you can physically feel it in the presentation of his music. Natia is anything but hollow, and why I am so drawn to his music. His casual conversational style pulls you into just another LA day in “Watch Your 6”, except this time he’s living what seems to be the ultimate Goodfellas fantasy. Producer Ryan Rigsby brings a touch of Dilla to the track; the bright sunny melody dancing above Natia’s voice making his content easier to swallow. Natia paints a picture of Tarantino-style vengeance without wavering. He somehow manages to make you root for the bad guy. Hell, Natia makes you wish you were the bad guy.

Just as he’s got you hooked–just as you’re fully consuming every last drop of this violent experience, just as you’re digesting the idea that you’re romanced by this lifestyle, Natia shouts “MOVIE TIME! HAHA!” and the song ends leaving you dumbstruck and wondering: Was this story just a fantasy or actual reality? Was this a day in the life, or a dream he once had? It all feels so real, but then again isn’t that the purpose of a storyteller?

I’ve played this song over and over again waiting for that moment when my guts retract and realize that real or fake, I’m still vibing along to a casual recollection of murder and mayhem. But it never comes, so instead I hit play again. Give it a listen:

I’m mad as hell about being late up on Natia. You should be too. Luckily we have our ears on him now, and I for one am excited to hear what he has coming next. Make sure you Follow him on Soundcloud and Twitter so you don’t miss anything.

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