New Music, Visual — February 22, 2017 at 9:48 am

Natia – Blood on the Hypeman (Video)


Awakened by a single minor chord, Natia the God bellows, “Sunny Marley, not another one!” It’s a warning shot. We’ve already been blown away by Sunny Marley’s production chops, most recently with Natia’s post-pool party cool down, “Summer Time”, and “Blood on the Hypeman is no exception.” Recorded and mixed in the RudeTOON Studio by our own Kellen Balazy, Natia once again goes above and beyond in his lyrical abilities. His quick wit and zero tolerance for bullshit in the rap-game causes him to be a master of cutting down his competition.

Natia’s immediate likability makes his violent imagery easier to stomach. Listening to this track is like a punch to your guts followed by a high five. In a recent interview with HipHop DX, Natia explains:

“I made ‘Blood on the Hypeman’ off tons of acid, while flabbergasted about today’s hip-pop. I understand that everyone can’t be lyrical or freestyle, or whatever Hip Hop used to be. But these nursery, Dr. Seuss mediocre rhymes and songs that niggas are doing now gets me more than angry. Shout out to Big Pun, Raekwon the Chef, Big L, and Eminem —real mothafuckas who said real shit about real problems that other real mothafuckas could relate to. Everyone seems like a hypeman cause their songs consist of nothing but ad-libs, and that minimizes kids’ imaginations. There’s no art, just muthafuckas that look the same — identical hypemen. It feels fake and unbelievable, so I’m gonna expose and dispose it. Hence, ‘Blood on the Hypeman.’”

Taking a page from Eminem, Natia quite literally “just shit it better than 90% of you rappers out there…” Natia’s upcoming album 10K Hours can be expected to drop later this spring on POW Recordings.

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