New Music — October 7, 2016 at 12:35 pm

Mini Bear Mind Control EP



Lovers of synthpop everywhere rejoice, Mini Bear’s newest EP just dropped! This project was produced over the course of two and a half years with front woman Lauren Kop refocusing on her songwriting to better grow as an artist. It can be a daunting thought to believe you have become stagnant in your craft–a thought that Kop admitted she worried about frequently during the production of this album. With new motivation to prove her self-progression, the Mind Control EP began to take shape.

Kop explained to us:

“I’ve increasingly become more aware of how much Technology affects every aspect of communication. Despite how much technology connects us, you can still feel very much alone. There’s so much constant connection, but because it’s so easy to make a connection to something (or someone) else at any given moment, everything feels so fleeting. The essence of this record is about the fear of technology devolving us into something that lacks feeling. Many of the songs also focus on the different realities that people create for themselves in order to avoid having to deal with their true selves.

Mini bear just dropped the video for “Technopoly Conversations” which was directed by Nova Rockafeller and Kavan the Kid in a gorgeous vintage showroom downtown. It features bright fun animations by Robin Eisenberg, and Robert Palmer-inspired backup dancers (Sydney Banta of L.A Girlfriend, and Taleen Kali of TÜLIPS). The video is a neon dream, where Kop receives a desperate phone call from her future self, warning that the future is rapidly approaching and she will no longer be human. Check out this futuristic dreamscape below:

You can grab the album today from New Professor Records! It’s a synth pop dream full of tracks that will keep you dancing through the weekend.

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