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Introducing Flood Society

 Hip-Hop artists and brothers MC S.A.V and This Is Aces are known for their lyrical abilities, and refusal to take breaks. The duo have been consistently dropping singles, videos, and are preparing to release MC S.A.V’s newest project “Cloud City”. But these guys have something else up their sleeves entirely… they aren’t satisfied leaving a legacy of amazing music. They want to make a real impact on the world.
It doesn’t matter which side you stand on, or what your beliefs are: It’s impossible not to admit that this country is in turmoil. We need to step up and share more good vibes than bad, but it’s hard. It’s damn near impossible to pull ourselves up out of the darkness some days. That’s why there is FLOOD SOCIETY: A lifestyle brand that dares to stand out above the negativity we have come to know and accept in our world today. The Seattle-based rappers have quietly alluded to the birth of Flood Society, culminating today with a spoken word video that has us stunned and ready for more.

The video has been quickly making it’s rounds in an embedded Facebook video, and it’s spreading like wildfire. Check it out via Youtube below, and you’ll see that Flood Society holds a very different message than what you may have come to know from the Pacific Game rappers. Check it out:

We did a quick interview with the guys to get more info on Flood Society; What’s their purpose? What’s to be expected? You can’t just drop a truth bomb like the one above and think you can slink away without answering a couple of questions!

What IS Flood Society?
Flood Society; the beginning of a new era. It’s a new wave movement set to flood the globe. This lifestyle brand, which parallels the biblical story of Noah, is flooding the entertainment industry. There was warning of a flood coming and people were apathetic to its mention. As opposed to planning out of expectation, they continued living out of fear of the idea unprepared. When the flood came, the majority were not in the boat.
With intentions to Flood Society with a new way of thinking, a new way of living, you can either be the wave or get hit by it, however you cannot prevent its arrival. A new creative lane, a music genre of Hip-Hop yet to be defined and confined by existing categorization, a brand set to be an anomaly of its time; the flood is here. We encourage you to join the flood and be the wave, let’s Flood Society together! “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man.” -Luke 17:26

What about Pacific Game?
Pacific Game is a group, Flood Society is a movement, something tangible that everyone can be a part of. Flood Society is a new direction. Pacific Game represented who we were, Flood Society represents who we are and what we are truly about at our core; and that’s to represent God, to represent truth, to stand for the people in the light even when it may be “unpopular” by society’s standard. We are the Flood Society, and you can be too!

What To expect?
We are currently working on a self titled “Flood Society” album, with a a follow up album for that already in place as well. You should expect change, we’re here to change the world.
How can fans get involved?
Well first, you can start by liking the Flood Society Facebook page, follow @floodsociety on Instagram, and check out our website . All news and updates with material, content, merch and opportunity for involvement will be posted as the flood builds. Join now to be apart of the wave!

 So there you have it. Music with a purpose. The Flood is coming. Are you going to step up and join, or get washed away?

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